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Republican Women's Club of Katy - PAC

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A Note from our President

We Are ALL Watchmen on the Wall

EOW is an acronym for End of Watch, used in military, security, and law enforcement as an abbreviation on log-sheets.  Sadly, this term has become all too familiar because it is also used to honor fallen Law Enforcement at their funerals, signifying that they have finished their duties.

In pondering this, I am struck by the notion that all of us citizens should be ON WATCH, guarding our County, State and Nation from those who would steal our freedoms under the guise of “keeping us safe,” or “equity” or “inclusiveness and diversity.”  Our Founding Documents outline our equality and God-given Rights, but freedom is fleeting when we are complacent.

As we see our country being pulled toward the leftist abyss of Socialism and hatred of America as founded, we must do more than cast an informed vote; we must engage.  We must volunteer and donate to campaigns, educate ourselves and our neighbors, join Clubs like ours and most of all – volunteer at our Election Polls as workers and watchers.

RWCK is committed to our duty of guarding our Republic until each of us reaches our own EOW.  There is a place for everyone to serve.  Join us!


Jennifer Haar

President, RWCK


Join us for a fun night out at Toddy Oaks,

a beautiful outdoor event venue.

Thursday, June 24th

6:30 PM - 8:30 PM

20120 Franz Road

NEW - Let's bring items for the Border Patrol Agents again.
If you are able, please bring the following items;

bug spray, sun screen, sanitation wipes, wound wash, & hand sanitizer.

Please join The Republican Women's Club of Katy for a Happy Hour

Bring your husbands and friends.

Wear your RWCK T-Shirts

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Pizza will be served, cash bar.


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