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Republican Women's Club of Katy - PAC

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Important Links to federal, state and local representation,  and election news.

Who Represents Me?

Click this link and put in your home address to see who your State & National Representatives are.

National Organizations

Republican N
ational Committee (RNC)
National U.S Senators http:
U. S. Representatives http:

State of Texas

Republican Party of Texas (RPT)
Texas State Senate Members
Texas State House of Representative Members

Harris/Fort Bend/Waller County

Federated Republican Women's Clubs

National Federation of Republican Women
Texas Federation of Republican Women
Greater Houston Counsel of Federated Republican Women

Popular Republican Websites

Rush Limbaugh
Mark Levine
Dennis Prager
Sean Hannity  
Heritage Foundation
Breitbart News
Red State
Texas Public Policy Foundation
Texan for Lawsuit Reform